4 Benefits of Hugging Yourself

4 Benefits of Hugging Yourself

Hugging Yourself Giving yourself a hug is just as important as hugging someone else. Not only does it make yourself feel calm, it turns out that hugs will also provide great benefits for mental health.

Get to know the following benefits of hugging yourself for mental health

The benefits of hugging yourself for mental health According to Healthline,

Here are some of the benefits of hugging yourself for mental health that you need to know.

Reducing brain pain

Will focus on the pain experienced so that the pain felt is getting stronger in intensity. The hug given will disturb the focus on the brain so that the pain will decrease. Hugs will also trigger the production of the hormone oxytocin which reduces anxiety and fear which indirectly reduces pain, and these benefits can also be obtained from hugging yourself.

Increase the feeling of security and comfort

Getting hugs from other people is a form of social support that makes the body feel comfortable and cared for. This feeling will also be obtained when hugging yourself. Improve mood Touch given to the body, including hugs, will provide relaxation benefits because it lowers the hormone cortisol or the stress hormone. The mood will get better and the tense muscles in the body will relax so that mental health will be more awake.

Increase self-love

Love can not only be obtained from others, but also from oneself. One of the best ways to increase self-love is to hug yourself. The hug can also be a signal to be more accepting of the shortcomings within and can indirectly increase self-confidence.

How to hug yourself

Hugging yourself can be done standing or sitting, with your head straight and shoulders relaxed. Take a deep breath, stretch your arms wide, and pull your arms toward your body to hug yourself. This method can be done several times a day so you can get some of the benefits of hugging yourself for mental health.

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