A Guide To Meditating Properly

These days, people all over the world are becoming more and more interested in the ancient Eastern practice of mediation because of its numerous benefits. Meditation has the ability to relieve stress, help certain health conditions, aid in relaxation and help you achieve an overall sense of wellbeing. With all of these benefits, everyone should meditate on a daily basis.

Essentially, meditation brings your mind, body and spirit into a complete state of relaxation and peace which is actually easier to do than you think. Here are the 4 steps to meditate properly:

STEP 1: Find the Right Spot

Choose a place either in your house, office or outdoors that is private and quiet. There should be no other people around and no loud external sounds. Turn off all electronic devices such as the phone, television, computer and radio. If you choose to have music playing, choose soft instrumentals or nature sounds at a low volume.

STEP 2: Get into Position

Wherever you choose to sit should be comfortable. The best place to meditate is on the floor, either on a plush rug or on a pillow. If you can’t sit on the floor, a couch or chair will do. You can sit in whatever position that keeps your spine in alignment and your muscles relaxed but the most common meditation position is lotus.

To get into this position, sit on the floor and cross your legs in front of you. Your left ankle should be on your right thigh and your right ankle should be on your left thigh. Sit up tall so your spine, neck and head are aligned. Drop your arms so that the back of your hands are resting against the tops of your thighs and bring the tip of your thumb to touch the tips of the other fingers on each hand.

STEP 3: Relax Your Body

Starting at the top of your head, relax every muscle group all the way through your toes. Once your body is fully relaxed and free of tension, begin deep breathing. Inhale deeply through your nose for 5 seconds and then exhale slowly through your mouth for 5 seconds. Continue deep breathing until it becomes automatic.

STEP 4: Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind of all thoughts. You may find it helpful to repeat a word or sound such as “ohmmmm”. This is usually the toughest part during meditation but every time you meditate it will become easier to do. The goal is to not think about anything, say anything or focus on anything whether it is external or internal.

By following these 4 steps to meditate properly, you will allow yourself to fully relax your mind and body in order to reap the many benefits of meditation. By meditating every day for at least 10 minutes, you can reach a sense of wellness and happiness in your life.