A neurosurgeon puts down the knife [PODCAST]

A neurosurgeon puts down the knife [PODCAST]

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“MRI studies of these patients determined that it was not only the circuitry that was affected by the burnout but also the size of the brain structures. Compared with the controls, patients suffering from burnout showed volume loss in the prefrontal cortex. Burnout patients appeared to also have shrinking in their dorsal striatum (caudate and putamen nuclei (areas that modify movement) and hippocampus (an area involved in emotion and memory), but an increased volume of tissue in the amygdalae.

So, put down the knife. Keep a work-life balance. Don’t burn out. Working too hard is bad for your brain.”

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Marc Arginteanu is a neurosurgeon.

He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, “Put down the knife: A neurosurgeon explains the importance of a work-life balance.”

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