Best Medical Tourism Destinations Around The World

Each year, more than two million international citizens travel abroad – not as tourists, but as patients. The primary cause driving the growth of global medical tourism is the ever-rising cost of healthcare in developed countries.

Medical procedures that make patients grab their passports most frequently include dental care, cosmetic, bariatric, orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery, and cancer diagnostic and treatment.

Many countries are able to offer high-quality health care at a good price for those struggling to afford treatment in their home country. In recent years, thanks to the combination of low cost of labor and quality medical education, some parts of the world have become true medical tourism hotspots.

Unsurprisingly, Thailand tops the list of best travel destinations for medical tourism. This country has been long known for its sex-change procedures; today, it offers some of the best and most affordable rehabilitation clinics in the world.

In Thailand, a medical tourist can receive a wide range of health care services, all at a fraction of the cost he would pay elsewhere. That is probably the reason why, out of twenty million tourists visiting Thailand each year, almost two million of them came seeking some kind of medical service, cosmetic surgery being probably the most popular option.

For medical tourists from the USA, Mexico is a natural choice: it’s close, and it’s cheap. Most popular medical procedures performed in Mexico include dentistry, knee and hip replacement, and bariatric surgery.

India has a large pool of doctors educated in the USA medical schools. It is especially popular among medical tourists from Africa. The Indian government made it easier for many foreigners to enter India in order to receive health services by removing the requirement for a visa. India specializes in affordable cardiac bypass surgery, bone marrow transplant, eye surgery, cancer diagnosis and treatment, and other high-end medical procedures.

Singapore is quickly becoming a top travel destination for those medical tourists seeking the best cancer diagnosis and treatment available. Home to some of the best medical facilities in the world, Singapore continues to invest in health care, most notably in biotechnology.

Medical tourists from all over the world are traveling to the USA to receive some highly specialized medical treatments and procedures, especially when it comes to the field of cosmetic surgery. Although extremely expensive, the USA health care facilities are arguably the best in the world, employing top-notch professionals in the medical field.