Can Alternative Medicines Be Risky For Kids?

There are a growing number of parents that look to turn to complementary and alternative medicines to treat their child’s sickness. Many parents assume that natural means safe and harmless. However, these remedies can have significant or even fatal side effects. These medicines often include vitamins and herbs.

There have been multiple reports of these remedies having adverse effects. There has even been a few deaths in children from infant to 16 years old. The biggest risks were seen in infants who were on restrictive diets and children with chronic sicknesses who were treated with complementary and alternative medicines, instead of conventional medicine. For example, a child with epilepsy died after being treated with alternative therapies. Instead of being treated with anticonvulsants. Parents should keep in mind that just like any other treatment or medicine there can be adverse effects. You should always talk with your doctor before changing any prescribed medications or restricting your child’s fluid intake or diet. Be aware of potential side effects and weigh the benefits and risks on any treatment that you may use for your child.

There are different types of complementary and alternative medicines used. This will vary from country to country, as to how and when these therapies are used. The new findings seem to not apply in the United States. In most cases in the United States the use of these remedies is done in complement to prescribed medications and not as an alternative. Restricting diets in infants are rarely used here. Many of the adverse effects that were seen occurred when these remedies were used instead of conventional and proven treatments. If you have a child with a chronic illness, do not stop conventional therapy to use alternatives without discussing it with your physician first. Talk to your doctor about anything you give your children. Ask if there will be adverse effects. Monitoring carefully is important to get a better grasp of the risks with these remedies.

Parents should to stay in touch with their child’s pediatrician even if they choose to get care from an alternative medicine provider. There could be hazards to what you are doing. Communication is key because people may do this on their own and these therapies should be carefully watched by a conventional doctor. It is extremely important that parents and health care providers communicate with one another about these remedies. Many parents do not report its use because they feel that their doctor will not be familiar with the forms of treatment they are using or because they fear the criticism. Open communication and trust can go a long way. To decide how dangerous they are we have to ask how dangerous other options are as well.

Many supplements are safe when they are taken as directed and are under the care of a professional, such as a pediatrician. Treat all home health care products and cleaning products in the same way. Lock them up and keep them up high.

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