Distant Healing – How Does It Work?

Being a distant energy healing provider, I am generally confronted by questions like – “How is it possible?” “How does it work?” or “Does it work at all?” The article aims at providing tools to answer these questions.

By knowing the principles behind Distant Energy Healing, one is better equipped to find answers to the common questions that pop up in to the minds.

The principles are provided by Master Choa Kok Sui in one or more of his books.

The Basic Principle

It is very commonly known these days that energy of one person affects the energy of the person near by. People with excess energy tend to make those around them “happier”. Therefore, it is possible to project energy from one person to another.


The energy cannot be absorbed if the receiver does not want to, which means, he/she is not receptive. This could be the case when he or she does not like the other person, does not want to get well or in general is not receptive to anything at all.


We all are a part of the larger energy body – the Earth. This makes us all connected and that is the reason why we are affected by the energies of people around us. Considering the fact that every one on this earth is interconnected, we can see the possibility of being affected of energy of anybody on this earth. This means, the energy of a person in China can affect the person in Canada. This is what is meant by being inter-connected.


There is a common phrase – “Thoughts become things”. This can be rephrased as “Energy follows thought”. What we think has the potential to be materialized by the principle of directability. If one is aware of how to direct, one can direct the energy by focussing attention at the place or person.

Now, this is what happens in distant healing.

  • The healer first connects to the supreme source of energy
  • This connection enables him/her to effectively connect to the client and utilize the principles mentioned above.
  • The healer, after getting connected to the client, scans for issue.
  • Cleans up the diseased energy, negative thought forms, entities etc
  • Disposes the energy in the healer’s disposal unit (prepared separately at the place where the healer is working)
  • The healer then receives the energy from the supreme source and projects/directs it to the client and fills him/her with fresh energy.
  • The client now feels relieved and refreshed!

This is a very simple explanation. The process involves energy body and energy centers. This can be explained further in coming articles.

The Vitality Cafe provides distant energy healing using the principles mentioned. Resolution of various physical, mental and emotional issues can be made possible using distant energy healing at The Vitality Cafe.