Energy Healing: Working With Low Mood and Depression With Healing

Hello again! Last time I wrote, I was talking about how it is very common for clients to complain of some level of fatigue, whatever else they are coming to me about, and I wrote about why this may be the case from an energy healing perspective.

This week I want to continue with writing about another “secondary” symptom that clients often come to me with, whatever their main issue is: low mood, or even depression.

In the previous article I have talked about how ill-health develops from the energy healing perspective. In brief, as children we will encounter situations that we are unable to fully deal with or process; the unprocessed part is held in our energy field as a block. Over time that block grows and hardens, so that it forms an energetic “shield” or barrier between us and the world. As we saw last time, maintaining this shield can take up a lot of energy, which can cause fatigue. Similarly, the block literally impedes the natural flow of energy within our systems which in itself is very tiring.

In terms of low mood or depression, I would like to talk about “vibration.” Everything in the universe has an energetic vibration: plants, animals, human beings all have their own vibration. When we are feeling bright and energetic, our vibration is naturally high and bright. The blocks and armouring we develop over time impede that natural flow of energy and are of a low energetic vibration.

So, from this perspective, it absolutely makes sense that people will tend to feel low if their energetic armouring and blocks have led to them feeling physical problems. Put another way, as we all know from personal experience and experience with others, depression and low mood can have a heaviness and stuckness to it – which is obviously the “feel” to old blocks and traumas that we hold onto.

As well as this type of “stuckness” which can come from the old traumas, we also make decisions pretty much all the time about how we maintain our energetic vibration. Food can be either high energy and high vibration (fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts), or low energy and low vibration: processed food, sugar, wheat etc Similarly, we make decisions about the people we spend time with. We all know instinctively that some people “drain” our energy, whereas others are supportive of us and what we want to do with our lives, and actually lift us energetically – which can be really beneficial for our health.

Energy healing can help in several ways with the feelings of low mood or even depression I have talked about. Firstly, as I have described in other posts, energy healing can lead to the blocked energy “melting” and to the armouring “dissolving.” This in itself means we are much more in touch with our life force – which is by its very nature life affirming and high vibration.

More than this, however, being in touch with this life force can lead to what I sometimes call a “virtuous spiral.” This life force energy will lead us to make positive choices day-to-day: we will be more drawn to healthy, nutritious food, we will find we are spending less time with people who “drain” us energetically, and we may find we are spending less time listening to “gloom and doom” on the media.

All of this of course moves us away from low mood and depression, and towards health and vitality.