Hidden Benefits Of Healing

Hello again! I was just thinking about my life at the moment, and the ways that having regular healings over the last few years has changed it in ways that wouldn’t be generally regarded as to do with health and healing.

I would say they are more to do with quality of life, wholeness and confidence. This week, I have been involved with two evening events that have involved me singing or chanting. And I love doing it – although I feel nervous, it is what I call a healthy, excited nervousness, which comes from wanting to do my best – not the debilitating gut wrenching anxiety that comes about when you’re really not sure you can manage what you’re going to be doing…

So, I was reflecting on how this came about. I have always loved singing – but used to limit to when I was on my own, or maybe occasionally with a trusted friend – but it would always be with a lot of nervousness and unsureness.

I believe two main things have changed through the energy healing and EFT sessions I have had over the last few years. Firstly, I believe that some of the healings have helped me to “clear” my throat chakra. By that I mean, that my throat chakra had been “blocked” by certain events in my childhood, but also by events from past lives. So, through past life regression and inner child healing, being able to express what I couldn’t express then, I have healed those blocks in my throat chakra, with the result that my voice has become clear and actually quite powerful.

The other aspect is that I believe that energy healing has had a strong effect on my self-confidence. I remember in the past almost being intimidated by being in front of a group of people, almost as though they were somehow “taking” my energy. Now, by all the energetic work I have done, it almost feels as though I gain energy from looking at the people I am talking to or singing to – even having eye contact with people!

I believe this is one of the “hidden” benefits of working with energy healing and EFT (emotional freedom technique). Whilst you may come for a session for headaches, energy healing and EFT work holistically – that is they address all aspects of you. And in the end, this is why I personally feel I have gained so much more than “just” recovery from chronic illness; I have found a more balanced, whole way of being in the world and of expressing who I am.