Important Facts You Need to Know If You Want to Become a Crystal Healer

Probably one day you woke up and decided you would like to learn something new; or perhaps you’re that kind of person that is always looking for new ways to help yourself and others.

If you are interested in Crystal Healing, there are some things you may want to consider:

A few crystal healers lay the same color crystals as the color of the chakras on the individual to heighten the flow of energy. Crystals are stated to guide the flow of energy to the person in a certain part of the body and bring in balance to an individual’s energy.

Ultimately, they’re used to clean the individual from foul or damaging energy believed to induce sickness. Driving out the defective spiritual energy eases the physical aliment. Crystals are used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Not only do individuals visit “crystal healers”, in a few places, professional nurses are getting trained to use crystals for their patients. In addition, crystals may be worn, placed next to a person’s bed as they sleep, and in a few cases placed around an individual’s bath.

This practice has been around for hundreds of years.

Individuals have used amulets, magical stones, and gems all through history (although primarily in the eastern cultures). It’s now making its way into the western culture, principally in the New Age and Occult causes.

Crystal healers contend that it really works; all the same, there’s no concrete scientific evidence to establish that it really heals. Individuals state they’ve been healed and feel better, however these cases are broadly limited to personal testimonies.

A lot of the scientific world has brushed these testimonials off as a placebo effect, selective thinking, aspirant thinking, sympathetic magic, or communal reinforcement.

Crystal healers generally prefer clear quartz, because of its shape and color. All the same, as chakras have colors associated with every area, they might place the particular color crystal/gemstone on the same color chakras.

The crystals/gemstones are stated to have vibration frequencies that are shape stimulates, interconnecting the earth’s and the person’s energy field. The crystal is used to expand, or realign, human ‘psychic’ or cosmic energy by guiding vibration energy.

To maintain the crystal, it’s laid in salt water or covered with table salt. Sustaining the crystal helps keep it clean from environmental unbalance”. It’s stated that it likewise needs to be recharged and actuated through assorted methods.