Innovative Yoga concept brings wellness program to Midtown

Yoga Joint, a South Florida based female-owned, hot yoga studio is opening its first location in Miami in July at 3111 NE First Ave. #300, Miami, FL 33137.

For over 12 years, Yoga Joint has focused on educating clients and providing an elevated and memorable customer experience both in-studio and beyond in Broward and Palm Beach counties, while delivering on-demand classes and educational videos through their app.

For founder Paige Held, the priority always has been to ensure that everyone experiences the value that hot yoga brings on a physical, mental, and spiritual level, and to do that, she created a program that promotes training, community, and well-being.

Every Yoga Joint provides the trifecta of wellness: Flow, FIIT and Restore. By offering these three class types, clients can work out different parts of their bodies depending on their needs. Each class is taken in rooms equipped with energy-efficient infrared heating systems (that’s the “hot” in “hot” yoga) which provide dozens of health benefits including boosting collagen, improving flexibility, and releasing toxins and lactic acids to name a few.

Flow classes are rooted in traditional vinyasa yoga, and work on mind and spirit with a unique style of yoga that delivers a solid foundation and provides variations to fit all levels.

FIIT classes are created to challenge endurance through HIIT (high-intensity interval training) inspired full-body workouts, complete with upbeat playlists, weights, and bands.

Restore provides slow-moving guided meditation based on Yin Yoga, complete with deep stretches and restorative postures to help speed up recovery between workouts.

“We are thrilled to grow our community and open our first location in Miami. We put a lot of effort and passion into Yoga Joint and we can’t wait to practice with our Miami community and help them experience the value that hot yoga brings to our lives,” Held said.

Every Yoga Joint studio offers complimentary mats and towels for members, and the ability to pre-book and reserve their numbered mat space ahead of time, through the app, so there is no need to run to the studio to get your favorite spot. The Yoga Joint program is all encompassing and every single aspect of the experience, from the classes to the teachers to the location designs have been thoughtfully selected to provide an ultimate experience to each customer.

Membership costs $169 a month and provides unlimited access to every Yoga Joint studio, as well as on-demand classes through the app, so you can get training and wellness from experienced teachers as many times as you need, wherever you are.

The new Midtown studio will be Yoga Joint’s eighth location, initiating their expansion into Miami Dade county, and expect to open 20 studios in Florida by 2025. The new Midtown location will be 4,500 square feet, catering to around 800-1,000 members monthly and creating more than 15 new jobs in the Miami area.

To learn more about Yoga Joint visit the website at

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