Is Chronic Stress Killing You?

Think about it.

Is chronic stress killing you?

Is all stress bad for your health?

The Answer: No, not all stress is bad, nor is all stress created equal-some is vital for life, and necessary for optimal wellness of mind and body. In the right amounts, stress can improve brain function, enable creative endeavors, improve immune function, make it possible to become physically fit, lower your risk of cancer, prevent Alzheimer’s, and much more. Stress should be a positive force, not an obstacle to your health.

It’s the chronic stress you feel day in and day out that is an obstacle in your life-and silently destroying your wellness and contentment. This stress, due to all the negative health ramifications, may ultimately kill you or someone you know. It may sound harsh, but think about it. Stress is in epidemic proportions in our stress-filled, stressed-out world.

We all pretty much know and accept that in balanced amounts, certain types of stress is essential and good for us. But, the problem-our measure for healthy stress is excessive and out-of-control in our society. Stress is not all in the head, from racing the clock, long work days, and challenging circumstances.

Think about it. Stress can be, environmental, chemical, emotional, or physical. It’s all around us and too much stress is within us, disrupting optimal health. We must factor in all the types of stress the body and mind experience every day. And until we learn to let go of, or physiologically find a release for stress, it accumulates in our body, at the cellular level, placing us at risk.

The damaging effects of stress (of all kinds) to human health are a scientific fact. Google it and you’ll read through the night. Stress can damage your health, your life, your relationships, your sleep, your waistline, and the list goes on and on…

This scenario is any one of us, on any given day: Let’s say you think about something stressful-work, money, relationships, whatever may be troubling you. Your amygdala (inside your brain) senses danger. Your amygdala initiates your body’s fight-or-flight response to stress.

In the “fight or flight,” response your body releases adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol, which diverts blood away from your digestive tract and leaves you unable to digest food and absorb nutrients, which in turn, causes you to more likely gain weight.

In this physiological crisis you’re more vulnerable to pain-chronic illness, arthritis, migraines, stomach upset, insomnia, depression, lowered immune function and much more. In a state of increased physiological warning, due to excessive stress, our brain’s creative center is deemed non-essential and shuts down. Please read the last sentence again. The result? Problem solving abilities become muddled, creative skills disappear and can’t be put into action, and intuition suddenly feels like it can’t be trusted. We feel irritable, isolated and impatient. Relationships suffer. Stress affects sleep, metabolism slows down. It is a negative downhill cycle that needs healthy intervention.

Good News!

Bioenergy Care dissipates the chronic stress that is killing you.

Think about it.

Bioenergy is revolutionary health care-neuroscience and research supports this groundbreaking system of healing.

Information about Bioenergy, a system I feel you will want to learn more about and incorporate into your practice-is “pure chiropractic” that eliminates debilitating stress to the human body. The stress epidemic isn’t going away any time soon-because demands of modern life and environmental stressors are here to stay. Ask yourself, who do you know that has physical and mental health issues due to unmanaged stress?

Bioenergy for complex physiological stress issues is simpler than you know. Think about it. Watch for more information from me-I want you to discover what I know is completely safe, effective, groundbreaking care.

Bioenergy corrective care is the “Evolution of Chiropractic.” With the added focus on brain and brain stem, and neuroscience to support it, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, you will have come full circle when you acknowledge this vital aspect of practice. Bioenergy directs signals to the brain reestablishing neuromuscular emotional patterns. Retraining of the sub-occipital muscles covering the brain stem, improves function of the entire body. Interference, when not corrected, causes imbalance and distortion in the life force energy and is often associated with adverse physiological responses.