Meow Wolf to Count Union Authorization Cards Next Week: “We

A collective of Meow Wolf Denver employees announced on July 5 that it had formed a union to join the Meow Wolf Workers Collective under the Communications Workers of America Local 7055, following in the footsteps of their Santa Fe counterparts.

At that point, there was only one bargaining unit, but in a July 22 statement, Meow Wolf says that it has agreed to conduct a count of signed union authorization cards for two bargaining units in Denver.

Back in September 2020, Meow Wolf responded to the initial unionization efforts in Santa Fe with a statement that the company “works better” without unions. But since then, its original CEO has stepped aside. Jose Tolosa was announced as the new CEO in January, and the Santa Fe union was ratified in March. The Denver efforts started soon after.

“Meow Wolf respects our employees’ right to organize, and we have agreed to conduct a card check early next week for two bargaining units, one representing Security workers and one representing Operations workers at Convergence Station,” Meow Wolf said in a statement released July 22. “We look forward to working with the Union to find common ground on solutions in the days ahead.”

When Westword spoke to union organizers Sam Silverman and AJ Ehrmann earlier this month, neither provided details of union demands or noted that there were two bargaining units in Denver, but they did say that the union had collected cards from about 60 percent of Convergence Station employees. Silverman and Ehrmann have not responded to a request for updated comments.

Union efforts slowed last week after Meow Wolf co-founder Matt King unexpectedly passed away at the age of 37. At the time, Convergence Station public relations manager Erin Barnes told us that “the company is taking a collective pause on work this week.”

But now the push is back on. According to Meow Wolf Chief Communications Officer Didi Bethurum, the card check is pending the availability of “a neutral party to oversee the process. Union organizers are collecting signatures from members of each of the proposed bargaining units, and we are in the process of identifying a mutually agreed-upon person to conduct the card check. If a majority of employees in each bargaining unit, counted separately as a unit, support the Union through card check, we will recognize the CWA as the sole representative of that bargaining unit at Meow Wolf Denver and begin the collective bargaining process with Union representatives.”

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