Powerful Meditation Methods

The intention of the meditation is to calm your mind and able to experience the supreme consciousness.

When you start meditation, it is very difficult to rest your mind. As soon as you close your eyes, your mind starts to wander here and there and the matter of the fact that you start imagining all possible activities. Like you would cast yourself in your favorite movie, would think about your work problems, family struggles and a lot more.

So, it is important to choose a thing to focus on while meditating, which will give your mind a specific direction and it will not wander here and there with random thoughts. You can choose a focus point, for example an image of Christ or Buddha (according to your religion practice) or you can mindfully focus on your breath. These two is the traditional methods used by the siddhas.

In shiv manas puja, an ancient scripture says that you become the one on whom you meditate. It is known that the seekers prefer to meditate on the siddha who has attained enlightenment. In meditation, we invoke so much energy from the universe and absorb that energy within our self, so its recommended that we should meditate on God.

Focusing on breathe is considered a simple and easy practice to stable your mind. It also deepens your breath, which will work as a healer for your body and mind. Scientifically, deep breaths pump more blood in your body so that you are able to provide more oxygen to all your body organs, eventually your organs will start functioning fully.

Watch your breath going inside your body, with the expansion of your chest feel that you are inhaling light and positivity, imbibe the goodness inside you, you have pumped oxygen for your body which is spreading throughout, spread the goodness also with the oxygen to each organ, each cell of your body, exhale all the negativity and darkness from within. And this process will continue. This process will also help you to clean you aura.

But it is also important as advised by great siddhas that to be generous with yourself and so you should not fixate too much while concentrating on mind.

So we recommend you to have your 30 percent attention on watching your breath, but that alone is not sufficient. Because you start with focusing on the breath but after sometime, you have lost your track and get lost in random thoughts so other 30 percent should be devoted to continual vigilance or watchful awareness that you are focusing properly. Remaining 40 percent should be left in the open space.

So, the percentage doesn’t matter as such but the three elements needed to know are: Focus, Vigilance, Spaciousness.

One should not choke their thoughts; they will naturally come and go. It’s just you should not interact with them. These thoughts automatically turn inward after some days. Gradually, you are able to rest your mind peacefully without facing any sort of distraction and at that point you will not require focus point to begin your meditation.

You will then experience consciousness in meditation and can see your inner self. When you become aware of your consciousness, it will reflect in your behavior, activities and in your daily life. Spiritual life is not different from your daily life. This awareness will remove all the anxieties and distractions from your life and will make your more peaceful and calm person. It will bring stability in your personality and make you grounded with your inner self. You will feel a new confidence in you and become filled with strength. You become so ease full and composed with the events of life, whether they are struggles or glee.

Methods to achieve awakening and enlightenment

On profound level, we can say meditation is using the mind to recognize the supreme consciousness.

Mind, unaltered or without changing at all will rest in the natural place in the present and this is the state of meditation.

A great saint said about meditation is that we are like water, when it is not stirred then it becomes clear, similarly when our mind become thoughtless, it will find its own peace, well-being, happiness and bliss in its natural state.

The most incredible and beautiful thing about meditation is that it is your most natural state. Remember the most natural state of you in the whole day. It is your sleep. In your sleep, you are free from enforced thoughts. You are free from emotions like happiness and pain; it’s just that you are in the present moment.

Meditation is the state where you are present simply with the awareness. Your awareness can witness all emotions, thoughts or sensations arising inside you but do not indulge with them. In meditation you can reach in that profound state where you are just present with the awareness of your consciousness and able to see it becoming one with the supreme consciousness.

You expand in the form of universe, your consciousness expand from its limitations and become bigger than your body. It is the state where your emotions, your senses fade away and your sky vast nature of true being revealed to you. As sun radiate warmth and shine, similarly you become the epitome of love and compassion.

The more you stay connected to your inner self; your true being will more unfold to you.

This can be done with the support of many spiritual practices other than meditation. Few practices are:

1. Chanting

It is the practice in which we sing the name of God with devotion and compassion. Singing the name of God is the simplest way to reach the God. Even the siddhas after achieving the enlightenment always used to chant the god’s glory with immense joy. Hymn of the God automatically fills you with great happiness and turn your mind inside. Your mind becomes still on the god and you experience the divinity inside you and around you. This will lead you to enlightenment and liberation.

2. Mantra Japa

When you took mantra from the siddha being who has capable of giving initiation or shaktipat, then that mantra become alive or chaitanya. Alive mantra is not different from the god. Repetition of mantras cleans your being and your karma. Mantra helps you to glide in meditation immediately. Gradually, mantra becomes part of you and subconsciously all time, it gets repeated inside you and then you are in the state of meditation while doing your routine chores. Few people focus on mantra while meditating.

3. Svavdhaya

Svavdhaya is daily recitation of mantras; it purifies your being and could easily send you in the state of meditation. Svavdhaya stabilize your mind and provide you the focus point on the sacred texts and scriptures. Recitation of scriptures was the part of the daily routine of students in the ancient time. It makes you sharp and tells you the importance of the practices you are performing. This will expand your perspective and knowledge. You should know that what you’re doing and what will be the significance so that you can spread your knowledge to the world. This is the extended pray to the Lord. This is the essential part of the spiritual path.