Relationship Cords Healing

Hello! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunny weather – I certainly have been feeling as some kind of weight has been taken off me as the sunshine comes.

This week I am going to write about another really powerful healing technique – relationship cords healing. The idea behind this healing is that when we are in relationship with other people, we build up energetic cords with those people. A physical example of this which of course people can relate to quite easily is the umbilical cord; energetically, that cord is always there between mother and child in some form. Similarly, when we are in relationship with friends and lovers, energetic links or cords build up. Even with people we may meet casually, or not know at all well, there is some energetic connection and cord.

A healthy energetic cord can be experienced as bright, clear and sometimes almost like a rainbow. However, it is also common for less positive patterns to develop over time. Typically, if we experience “issues” with people, this will be reflected in the relationship cords. They can become thick with stuck energy, distorted, heavy or sticky. It is also possible for an energetic “hook” to be left in someone’s energy field after a relationship has ended. This can account for the fact that we have said “good bye” to a past lover or friend, and find we are haunted by aspects of them, or are somehow almost unaccountably unable to move on.

In terms of the healing, the initial case taking identifies the issue to be worked on, and the person with whom the work is to be done. During the hands on part of the healing session, there is a chance for the person receiving the healing to express to the other person what they have been feeling, how the way the other person has been has affected them, and, if appropriate, what they had wanted from the other person that the other person hadn’t given them, or hadn’t been able to give them.

Being able to express this in a safe place is very healing, and can lead to a “cleaning” and “disentangling” of cords, and also, if necessary to the removing of a hook. There is also a chance for the person receiving the healing to express other emotions that may come up such as forgiveness, or love.

This type of healing can be useful in all kinds of situations. Obviously, it is useful for relationship breakup: letting go of the past and moving on. It can also be used as part of recovery from chronic illness, for example chronic fatigue or depression. Holding on to “stuff” from the past is literally draining – letting go can free up energy for living and enjoying life, and so help us to heal whatever condition we may be working with.