Serenity Through Healing

Yes, the title what you read is correct. There is no error. We are talking about “Serenity through Healing”

It is a great experience. One must learn some form of healing art. The happiness you gain from this is just too much to ask for.

The deep seated serenity is something one must experience during the lifetime. Something very very very deep. One cannot describe it easily. Although, an effort is being made using this article.

It is not only from the feedback or results you achieve using the healing art you have learned. It may seem that one can heal people’s ailments and must be able to receive happiness from the feedback and blessings of the people who have been benefited. Yes, this does give happiness but if it would have been “the happiness” I am talking about, then it would not have been so deep. The reason being, it is attached to the results. If one does not get feedback or positive result, there is no happiness. This means that this happiness is superficial. It is just lying somewhere on the surface from where it can escape very easily.

It is not from the monetary reward you receive or the fame you get by practicing the art. Again, this would go if the reward vanishes or say nobody contacts you for few days or few hours! This would be superficial too.

It is also not only the self healing that one does. It may seem that the person practicing some form of healing art may get benefited from the energy they harness for healing others and that might make them happy. This could be a partial reason for the happiness I am talking about. But only partial reason.

While one practices the art, one becomes more and more sensitive to the energy of people. It becomes easier and easier to connect with others as the practice continues. This easier connection leads to better empathy – putting ones own self in others’ shoes. This empathy then grows and grows. At this point, it is important for the healer to practice self cleansing, otherwise one may get negativity from the people they are trying to heal.