Serrapeptase: Miracle Enzyme and Anti-Inflammatory Enhances Natural Healing

To be commonly referred to as a “miracle enzyme”, Serrapeptase must be some pretty powerful stuff, right? Actually, it can do more than most people even know. And just because it’s gaining popularity in the U.S. currently, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been around, and enhancing healing and enhancing lives for decades.

In fact, the enzyme Serrapeptase was first discovered in the early 1970’s and found to have all kinds of extraordinary health benefits. Since then, it’s been widely used as an all-natural anti-inflammatory all across Asia and Europe.

It was actually a German physician by the name of Dr. Hans Nieper that popularized the use of Serrapeptase to advance the healing process in a number of different cases. He even claimed to have two patients who were about to have limbs amputated because of infection that began taking Serrapeptase and were instead able to keep their limbs and make a full recovery. In addition, he used the enzyme on many patients as a means to promote healthy function of the heart and circulatory system.

So what on earth is this stuff? Believe it or not, we get the enzyme Serrapeptase from silk worms. It’s isolated from a bacterium in their intestines called Serratia. And for the silk worm, it serves as a very important factor in their life cycle. You see, at a certain point in the life cycle of a silk worm, it spins a silk cocoon where it remains while it turns into a butterfly.

But once the silk worm has transformed into a butterfly, it would be trapped inside its cocoon if it weren’t for Serrapeptase. Delivered via the silk worm’s saliva, the enzyme is able to break down the cocoon so that the butterfly can escape. But these powers are not just limited to silk cocoons. Serrapeptase naturally eats away at all non-living matter. So around 25 years ago, a Japanese biochemist discovered ways in which this process can benefit our health.

The ways in which Serrapeptase works inside our bodies allow it to eat away scar tissue and other non-living tissues or blockages, decrease inflammation or swelling, and manage pain. The ability to eat away non-living matter is the reason it’s used to improve the health of the heart and circulatory system. Once it makes its way into the blood stream, it dissolves the plaque that clogs arteries the same way it dissolves the silk worm’s cocoon.

Its anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties, however, are what make it so important for post-trauma patients. After an invasive surgery for example, swelling can drastically slow the healing process, along with the formation of scar tissue. Serrapeptase not only reduces swelling dramatically, but also eats away at the dead tissue that builds up, allowing the body to heal faster. But how exactly does it reduce inflammation? First, it breaks down something our bodies produce in the blood-coagulation process called fibrin. In addition, it acts as a thinner to the fluids our bodies produce when tissue swells and even promotes more efficient draining of these fluids from the injured area.

On top of the anti-inflammatory abilities Serrapeptase is known for, it’s also well-known as an all-natural pain killer. It works in this way by blocking the production of pain-inducing chemicals in our bodies called amines. In a double blind study involving 66 patients recovering from the same surgery, it was shown that, not only did the ones taking Serrapeptase heal more quickly, but they also experienced less pain than the patients not taking the enzyme. This is why it’s called the “miracle enzyme” in reference to natural healing.

But surgery and trauma are not the only reasons people take pain killers. Many people, in fact, rely on meds like Ibuprofen and Aspirin daily, whether it’s for headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, pain caused by an injury or surgery, or something else. It’s been proven, however, that this type of medicine, called cox-inhibitors, can have a wide range of harmful side-effects.

For starters, they are known to damage renal cells which can lead to kidney damage when taken in excess. When severe enough, some patients even require dialysis or a kidney transplant. Other major problems caused by common pain killers are stomach ulcers and bleeding, damage to muscle tissue, negative reactions with other medications, and even irritation of the colon.

For these reasons and more, patients are discouraged by doctors to take too many cox-inhibitors like Ibuprofen. But too many people think living in pain is their only other option. That’s not the case anymore.

Unlike harmful pain killers, Serrapeptase is 100{e577f2e255613ded01a030e42bce2808ed901289218648e026d62c4ad00509a4} natural. It does not have the same dangerous side effects, and is at least as effective as Ibuprofen and Aspirin when it comes to killing pain. In fact, it has several healthy bonus side effects such as preventing clogged arteries, blood clots, and scar tissue. Either way you look at it, Serrapeptase is an incredible discovery. It’s classified in the United States as a health supplement, but is more commonly being used as a serious alternative to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs, and for good reason. Pick up a bottle of Serrapeptase capsules and see for yourself why it’s being called the miracle enzyme.