Spiritual Healing – What Is It?

Spiritual healing is form of alternate medicine which relies upon the healing power from god. This had been famous for centuries and is practiced by many throughout the world.

There are several healing throughout the bible. All of them are best examples of spiritual healing. If there is a medical treatment method there must be a set of laws or rules that are to be practiced/followed always. Similarly spiritual healing also employs various rules that are a must to obtain any cure. Even though spiritual healing is practiced in various religions in various parts of the world, here we are going to see about spiritual healing via the bible. The healing done by Jesus Christ described in the bible are amazing and still the healing continues. A person who believes Jesus can heal is surely promised that his disease will be healed. So, to do the healing that Jesus did, one needs to follow certain guidelines. Those guide lines are explained here.

Is it possible to heal like Jesus Christ?

Yes, it is 100{e577f2e255613ded01a030e42bce2808ed901289218648e026d62c4ad00509a4} sure that healing can be done. Jesus himself instructed his disciples to go around the world, preach the gospel and heal every kind of disease. So, it is sure that spiritual healing is possible.

What are the rules of spiritual healing?

If the bible tells that any believer can heal, then it is sure healing can take place. The bible not only instructs the command, but also instructs the laws of healing. Let us see them one by one.

Rule 1

No medicines

When it comes of spiritual healing, you don’t rely upon medicines or equipment or any doctor, but you rely completely upon the power that God gives. All the healing power is within the person itself. When God created man, he also loaded him with a healing system which fights diseases and heals wounds when wounded. But the sinful mind of man brought every kind of disorder that destroys the life of every person. So, in spiritual healing a person simply relies upon God to guide him towards a healthy life. There is no place for medicines in spiritual healing.

Rule 2

Trust in God

Healing with the help of God is possible only when a person completely trusts in God. With a doubt in the mind, expecting God to heal is impossible. God helps those who completely trust in him. So, trusting God is the first step to start a healing. Trust in God and his power brings peach of mind which kicks start button of healing. A doubtful mind never achieves healing.

Rule 3

No Pride or envy

Pride and envy arise due to the fact that what a person enjoys can’t be earned by other. Say, if a poor man doesn’t have car he has envy over those who have a car. Fact is that he is envious because of the fact that he is not in a position to earn money to buy it. So, if a person feels envy on other it indirectly means that “I am not able to earn this”. Feeling envy confirms that he can’t do things successfully. Being a loser doesn’t help in healing. To be successful in healing, a person needs to be healthy in his mind, not feeling a pride or envy. This produces an inner peace which accelerates the healing

Rule 4

Never worry

Say, a person worries only when he feels he can do it. If a person in sports can’t accomplish a specific task, then he worries that he can’t accomplish. To obtain a healing, one needs to be in stable mind, without any trace of worries. A healthy person never worries even when he meets a failure. Fact is that he knows that, even when he fails, he can again try and succeed. So, a constant winning attitude is needed for healing. When a person possesses such attitude, he is free from worries.

Rule 5

Never ignore symptoms

Any disease doesn’t come in a day. As an old proverb says, “Rome was not built in a day”, every deadly disease will surely inform symptoms at the initial stage itself. But people ignore these symptoms and leave until the day comes where everything becomes too complex. Listening to every fine detail is the master key to achieve healing.

Above are the golden rules to spiritual healing. One needs to remember these golden rules of healing, always!

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