Things I’m Loving Friday #431

Things I’m Loving Friday #431

Hey friends! How are you doing this morning? I hope your week was a good one. It was business as usual around here! The talk of the town in our house this week has been Chase’s big soccer game. He has his first “real” soccer game tonight and could not be more thrilled.

Soccer is truly a passion for Chase and he’s beyond excited to be on a real team. I’m so interested to see how the game goes because he’s only ever played games through Soccer Shots where he gets to play the whole time and wasn’t overly challenged. I think this will be a great thing for him (it’s still just a rec league — still nothing too serious) and I’m hoping he walks away from this season of soccer with an appreciation for the “team” aspect of the sport more than anything. (Can you tell I’m the least competitive person on the planet? Haha! I mean of course I hope he gains some skills, too.) I’m sure I’ll have more to say about the game and our weekend on the blog next week but until then let’s keep things consistent around here and dive into this week’s roundup of Friday favorites!

Things I’m Loving Friday

I have zero doubts that this hoodie is going to be a staple in my fall + winter wardrobe. The material is wonderful — thick, soft and oh-so-cozy — and I’m already tempted to order it in another color or two. Apparently it is a lululemon dupe (for which sweatshirt, I’m not sure, this is just what @christineandrew said and she’s the one who influenced me to buy it — haha!) and I love it with leggings, joggers, denim shorts and looser-fitting high-waisted jeans with my Reebok club sneakers!

Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean highlighted this freezable snack box on Instagram a few weeks ago and I couldn’t order one fast enough. I’ve been packing yogurt for Chase for an afternoon snack at school in a bag with an ice pack but felt like there had to be something out there that would do a better job keeping the yogurt and possibly a few extra snacks nice and cold. Enter this freezer snack box! You simply pop the entire freezer pouch into the freezer overnight and add your snacks to the pack in the morning and they’ll stay cold for hours! Chase said this was SO much better than my previous ice pack system and I love that the snack box is big enough for a handful of snacks for the times I want to use it to hold snacks for all three boys. It easily fits several yogurt pouches, string cheese, a couple of apples, a small baggie of grapes and more. LOVE it!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned our family’s love of Secrets of the Zoo, a show we’ll often view during one of our family movie nights because it appeals to every single person in our family. In the comments section of that post, Audrey recommended we try out Alaska Animal Rescue and I owe her a huge thank you because this show has quickly become our family’s favorite! (We stream it on Disney+.) Not only does the show offer stunning views of various parts of Alaska but it highlights the rescue and rehabilitation of a variety of animals native to Alaska. Our boys are especially excited about episodes that include the rescue of bald eagles and mischievous baby otters. (I also love that this show seems to inspire a lot of imaginative play for Chase and Ryder. I’ve overheard them reenacting rescue missions from the show with their stuffed animals a number of times.) Alaska Animal Rescue is really well done and a great family-friendly show, especially for animal lovers! I’m just bummed there are only two seasons because we love it so much!

There are geniuses out there improving super simple products every day, I’m telling you. During our move (1.0), I got rid of a colander I’ve been using since I graduated college that I’m 95 percent sure I picked up at Goodwill. It was time for an upgrade and a Instagram Reel I saw sold me on this bad boy. It’s a collapsible colander (duh) that lays on top of your sink and it’s nice and thick and easily holds a full box of cooked pasta, a ton of grapes, etc. It’s a new kitchen staple in our house!

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins (We make these year-round in our house, but ’tis the *official* season now!)

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins

Instant Pot Butternut Squash Beef Stew (Another fall + winter fav!)

Instant Pot Butternut Squash Beef Stew

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