Tips to Meditate Effectively and Focus Better

There are times in life when you feel not very positive about life, doubt your decisions and seem confused about future. For people who do not catch themselves in earlier times end up in long-term effects like anxiety, depression, back-pain and other physical issues. Guidance then takes longer to reach them and better living seems rubbish or impossible from their perspective.

Any negative thought or negative emotion is an indicator that you have lost your connection. The earlier you realize and reconnect, better it is for you. We all are connected to each other through consciousness/energy/God or any other name you wish to call it. This connection is important for the survival. Sometimes when we observe something or experience some kind of loss, the connection is thinned out for sometime and generally gets reconnected when things/thoughts/emotions change.

Meditation is one of the ways of reconnecting and making the connection stronger. When you are connected, you feel energized, enthusiastic for life, feel love for others and overall you are a positive person. You can understand others situation and are willing to help. More connected you stay better your personality becomes. Meditating every day is one of the best practices of successful people. But is meditation possible in this age?

Meditation can be as short as 2 minutes and can be longer than 2 hours. Given below are few tips that can be helpful.

1. Start Early

The best time to meditate is as soon as you wake up. Yes you need to get on with your day, but 1-2 mins in your bed before you get on with your day will not cause much harm. Before you get up, close your eyes for 1-2 mins and just breathe.

2. Your Breath is the Key

Whenever you feel confused during the day or when you wish to meditate, start with your breath. Focus on your inhalation and exhalation for few breaths. Close your eyes and just breathe normally. See the difference. Doesn’t take long, try it.

3. Your thoughts are guests

Most asked question is what to do with the thoughts that come when we meditate. Your thoughts are like your guests in the house, they are meant to leave right. Watch the thoughts come and go. Don’t go out with them. You stay in your house.

4. Don’t punish yourself for not doing it

When you have made a routine for meditation, there will be time when you are unable to follow it. Don’t get mad on yourself for this. Let it go, there is next day to practice. Don’t stay in past, look forward for next moment to meditate.

5. Don’t expect

Let yourself free when meditating. Don’t expect any particular experience during meditation. You will be surprised at what will come. Just enjoy the nothingness

Hope the tips are helpful to you. You can contact us anytime to help you meditate. We love you to stay connected to your source. Don’t forget to check out the free healing and meditation sessions at The Vitality Cafe.