Touch: Healing Lives

It has been said that money can’t buy happiness. It holds true. You can experience it on the face of a labor walking out with a smile on his face after daylong toil, and a millionaire spending sleepless night in his luxurious apartment. This is all about the way of life. The way he leads it, the way he perceives life.

We all desire to be happy and healthy. We all want to have more and more money. We all need all the modern facilities and for these things all of us work hard and get paid. We have luxuries of life. Whether it is ultramodern furniture with softest leather and soft stuffing or cozy beds it is all there. There are sophisticated Televisions and Music Systems to add some spice to our lives. We are connected to the world like never before.

There are multivitamins and lots of food supplements and genetically modified food stuffs. Now man is able to live in smart homes, but still we don’t have real happiness and peace of mind. We are too busy to find leisure time for ourselves and for our near and dear ones. Amid this chase we have forgotten to lead a happy life. We have lost the feeling and magic of touch.

Let’s find out the reason behind it. As stated above, life is swift as compared to the past. Every day is a new beginning, a new challenge, a new opportunity. Man is running and living all alone. To stay ahead in life man has changed its way of living. A complete change of schedule which leads to a whole new lifestyle.

As we have come a long way. We are entirely dependent on high end gadgets and technology; we cannot think living without them. But still we have lots of things to do for a better life. Going years back we can easily find out the reasons of emptiness in our lives in spite of having all the modern facilities and comfort. Do you remember when did you shake your hands or hugged the people you love. Don’t feel any guilt of not doing so. It can be easily understood that we have forgotten to live the life like a real life. It is artificial like plastic. Your smile is plastic; as a result the relations are also the same. But a simple question to be asked. How important is money in your life? Why do we earn money? -To lead a happy life. Now it is about doing injustice to yourself and your family if you can’t find time for them.

It’s clinically proven now that with touch of your loved one, a positive energy travels from one body to another and this results in the secretion of good hormones to fight diseases and stay immune. This is the magic of simple touch. It is ironical that we have touch screen devices but we have forgotten touching hearts of people. Start embracing relations in your hands and in your arms. There are touch panels around you to make your life easier like never before but never forget to touch your loved ones.

The easiest way to understand and feel the effect of touch in your life you can start practicing this touch therapy in your life. Life will be transformed into a better and healthier one. Try it now.