You Think Meditation Is A Waste Of Time? Read On

So, you think meditation is a waste of time, your day is filled to the rim and the mere thought of adding yet another thing to your already overstuffed day is simply too much to contemplate.

In a world that is full of distractions you may be forgiven to think like this.

How often do you not follow through with a promise because something else just got in the way, or you simply forgot? If you follow your urges and get distracted easily you are not working efficiently, rather you are wasting your precious time.

Many executives and many millionaires swear by the power of regular meditation.

Any form of meditation calms the mind and reduces stress. However, guided transformational meditation goes way beyond that: It helps you design your life.

For example if you yield to your impulses, and who doesn’t you can set the intention in the meditative state to change this behaviour and become more mindful. You are taken through a process to feel the new behaviour you want to adopt.

Meditation doesn’t stop mishaps, but it makes life run smoother because it changes how you react to situations

If you are suffering with anxiety meditation will help you become calmer.

The other day I had to go to a meeting with a new client. I was a little late leaving and hit a traffic jam on the highway. I had left my mobile phone at home and couldn’t contact my new client and I did not know the area and had to completely rely on my sat nav to get me there.

The typical default reaction of the mind in such a situation is agitation:

The untrained mind wanders off into all sorts of negative scenarios: What if I am going to be stuck for hours, what if the sat nav is wrong, it happened last week, what is my client going to think? This is probably the end of a great business relationship before it even began.

Instead of getting worked up over the situation I decided to use the time to meditate on getting to my client in time and imagined a perfect meeting. I focused on feeling calm and remain in a heart centred space.

The heart is an important part of the guided transformational practice because it magnifies and magnetises the outcome you desire

You always get what you focus on. Most of us have no idea how to direct the mind to focus on the right things.

As it so happened I managed to get to my new client only a few minutes late. The office was easy to find and we had a great first meeting. We agreed on a meditation training program for the senior executives in the office, my very favourite type of coaching. What could be better?

In being able to control my mental state I was radiating an energy that proved that I walk my talk

Have you noticed that when you radiate a high energy things seem to work out somehow? Now imagine what will happen in your life if you can control your thinking and direct it towards your desired outcomes? Imagine how much time and energy you’d free up if you did not have to react to every glitch? At the very least life would become more enjoyable and we know, it is a well researched fact that happy people have more successful lives.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a success coach specializing in techniques to create brain coherence. She is the author of “Holistic Feng Shui For Your Brain”, “My Favourite Pyramid Meditations” and other books on meditation and inner growth for professionals.

Her Transformational Guided Meditations increase cognitive awareness, improve focus and mental clarity and help you to design a better live.