5 Ways Businesses Can Support Employee’s Health

In today’s post covid world, employees are valuing their roles not just on their salaries, but also on the health incentives that their employers can offer as well. Employers should value their employee’s health as much as they value their time. Without good health, the workforce will be unable to perform high-quality work, and they might also expect high levels of sick leave. With this, there are many ways in which employers can incentivise their staff to focus on their health. In this blog post, we will share some of the best health initiatives that employers should be offering their staff as a means to keep the workforce healthy and maintain consistent performance.

Free Gym Memberships

First things first, physical and cardiovascular health is crucial for short-term and long-term health. Especially for office-based jobs that are not active, employers should be encouraging their workforce to have regular exercise. Offering free corporate gym membership is a great way to encourage staff to go to the gym, especially during the cost-of-living crisis. Agree with a local gym at your place of work and offer corporate contracts in large volumes to bring down the price of individual contracts.

Dental Care Plans

Before the pandemic, people would frequently attend their dental checkups and stay on top of their oral care. Today, many dental practices are closing down as people struggle to afford their appointments or are worried about the length of time they have avoided visiting. Consider offering private health care plans at a dentist in Milton Keynes, offering staff one free dental checkup a year. This will be greatly appreciated and will ensure that staff do not need to leave work due to dental emergencies.

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Mental Health Support

Mental health has been on the decline for a large population of the UK. This is now one of the most common causes of workplace leave. If you as the employers can offer mental health support for staff, you should expect your workforce to have a much more positive outlook on their work and home life balance. Consider offering a mental health counselling budget for staff. This will give them support and someone outside of the organization to talk with about their thoughts and feelings and offer them actionable steps to improve their mental health.

Healthy Office Snacks

The office environment is often a hub for unhealthy snacks and treats. This can give staff a pick-up for a short while, but the quick sugar hit can quickly leave them sluggish and unmotivated once the unhealthy snack has settled in. Instead, employers should consider supplying healthy snacks for the office such as fruits, nuts, and organic juices to keep people feeling refreshed and nutritious throughout the day.

Cycle Work Schemes

Finally, cycle-to-work schemes are a must for staff wanting to get exercise during their commute to work. This would involve offering discounted rates for biking equipment and also creating a safe space for staff members to leave their biking gear in the office.

Bottom line

Overall, employees are looking for health support in the workplace therefore employers need to take action to supply this. Whether they offer dental health checkups for Cheltenham dentists or offer free gym memberships, make the change and help your staff balance work and a healthy lifestyle.

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