All About Medical Translation

More than ever before, many people are seeking medical services from foreign countries. Since no two countries have the same culture and language, it’s important that you translate your facility documents so that people from different countries can understand them. As a hospital owner or administrator, you should translate doctor’s instructions and patients history. You can improve the experience of the patients and that of the staff by taking the medical translation a notch higher and translate the hospital maps, directional signs, visiting hours and even the hospital policies.

Benefits of medical translation

The translation of the medical records is beneficial to both the patients and staff working in the hospitals. To the patients, the translation ensures that the patients have a less stressful experience when they visit your facility. Have you ever visited a place that you don’t understand? It’s usually scaring and frustrating, right? That is the feeling that most people have when they visit your facility and they don’t understand what the charts are saying. When you translate the documents you give the patients an easy time as they know what to do.

When foreigners visit your hospital, chances are that they are going to speak in their language. This means that the documents are saved in the foreign language. In the event that the patients don’t meet a doctor who can understand their language, it can be frustrating to both parties. The doctor won’t be able to tell the history the patient and the patient won’t know where to start. In short, there will be a communication breakdown. When you translate the documents you make the work easy for both doctors and patients and as a result, you have a system that runs flawlessly.

Medical translation ensures that the patients get the best medical services that they deserve. Since the medical practitioners can understand the conditions that the patients are suffering from, they are able to properly diagnose and treat a condition. This ensures that the patients have a perfect result.

Guide to getting medical translation services

You should hire a person who is a good translator to translate the documents or if you have the skills go ahead and do it yourself. If you have a person who can do the work from your facility you should hire him/her but if there is none, you should hire a professional from a medical translation agency.

As you know, there are many medical terms that would give the wrong meaning if misspelled. To avoid this you should ensure that the professional that you hire is experienced and conversant with the medical lingo. There are many institutions that offer the medical translation certifications. To increase your chances of getting excellent translation services you should work with certified professionals.


There are plenty of benefits that come with hiring a medical translator to translate the medical records in your institution. As mentioned you should hire a certified professional in order to increase your chances of getting fast and accurate translations.