Meditation and Its Different Types

Meditation techniques are practiced by many individuals, due to the many benefits they offer. Meditation serves different purposes, the first of which is to calm the mind of its daily chatter and to let the will control the body. There is a wide range of reasons for this activity. They include the body, mind and spirit transformation so that the divine can manifest.

There are several different meditation types. They can involve religions, relaxation or compassion for others. The perfect meditation is based on the person’s religion and the reason for this activity. So this differs from one person to another. Most types of meditation are intended to achieve absolute relaxation. However, this is not necessarily true, even if relaxation is achieved during the process.

One of the types of religious meditation is the Christian meditation, which is considered as a prayer. There are several ways to engage in this type, but most of them entail a prayer vocalization. Another aspect that is common to the Christian meditation is vocalizing Bible passages.

Yoga meditation is different in every region where it is done. The focus of this form is on the relation of body, mind and spirit. It not only entails a relaxed sitting position, but it goes through different poses that enable you to concentrate a lot. Yoga meditation in North America does not involve religion, but it is practiced more for achieving relaxation and increasing strength and flexibility.

Compassion meditation is a unique type of meditation. Those who practice compassion meditation aim to remove the unpleasant thoughts from their minds and fill the emptied space with compassion and love for themselves and other people. In compassion meditation, people think of specific phrases and replay them on their mind every now and then. Examples of these phrases are “I am happy and calm” and “I am free of sorrow and pain”.

Another type of meditation that is not too often heard is mindfulness meditation. This focuses on one’s presence. The meditator is persuaded to let go of all his/her fears. As he/she sits in a relaxed position, he/she acknowledges these feelings without getting caught in them.

While almost all types of meditation focus on breathing, this is the most important part of breathing medication. Those who practice this meditation technique pace breathing so they can facilitate relaxation. Practicing breathing mediation helps a person improve his posture to make it easier to facilitate breathing.

Another type of meditation is called guided meditation. As its name connotes, a person is being guided physically by another individual or by means of a recording. The script of this meditation includes positive statements or affirmations. This can help people who have just started on meditation, and who are not familiar with the way it is done. Guided meditation is also well liked by those who are experts in meditation.