The world’s first Yoga-friendly cushion ensures you have

The Float Meditation Cushion’s unique design bases itself on human ergonomics, with a form that’s purpose-driven to help you sit comfortably in popular yoga positions like the easier version of the lotus pose (padma asana) and the kneeling asana (vajra asana). The cushion’s molded design and foam construction provide just the right blend between rigidity and comfort, allowing you to meditate for longer without those aching ankles and knees.

Designer: Zmind Design

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Designed to be the ‘ergonomic office chair’ equivalent of meditating, Float guides your body into the right position, ensuring your limbs and hips are postured the way they need to be, and your spine is perfectly straight – unlike with yoga mats where your spine ends up slouching most of the time.

Seiza Position – While sitting in Seiza, with the legs tucked underneath the body, the downward sloping design provides relief from back pain. With the posture aligned, the body tall, and the joints decompressed, the abdominal core is strengthened.

The benefits of cross-legged sitting and seiza kneeling go back centuries to Indian and Japanese times. It’s well known that both these postures do wonders for digestion, while also boosting body/joint flexibility and blood flow. They both help develop good posture, boost focus, relieve anxiety, and restore energy levels. While for first-timers, sitting in those postures for longer hours can result in aching joints, the Float Meditation Cushion eases you into them, allowing you to sit on any surface, no matter how hard, in complete comfort.

Seated Position – Float supports legs, hips, and thighs to help create proper body alignment when meditating in a seated position. Float raises the hips slightly, preventing the compression of nerves and blood vessels in the legs.

The Float Meditation Cushion comes with an intuitive form that’s easy to use and equally easy to carry, thanks to the strategically-placed cutout on it that doubles as a handle. About as portable as your average yoga mat, the Float Meditation Cushion focuses its entire efforts on good posture while meditating (or even sometimes when you’re not). The cushion supports seating and seiza (kneeling) positions, and also comes with a magnetic attachment that snaps to the back of the cushion, extending its backrest for even more lumbar support.

Available in 2 different sizes, each cushion comes formed from 100{e577f2e255613ded01a030e42bce2808ed901289218648e026d62c4ad00509a4} polyurethane foam tested at a rating of 85 for ‘medium softness’ on the Foam Shore Durometer, with the ability to easily take up to 300lbs in weight. Each cushion is then clad with a 400g polyester fabric that’s given a micro-suede texture that feels good against the skin. Made to be thicker than your average cushion cover, the fabric is abrasion-resistant for durability and is even water-repellent, so you can just wipe the sweat off once you’re done… although given how refreshingly comfortable this cushion is designed to be, we won’t fault you for not wanting to get up!

Click Here to Buy Now: $142 $198 (25{e577f2e255613ded01a030e42bce2808ed901289218648e026d62c4ad00509a4} off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!