Energy Healing: Working With Fatigue In A Healing Session

This week, I was just thinking about the kind of issues clients tend to come to me with. And I was thinking that although there’s quite a wide range of reasons that people come to see me, it’s quite common for a couple of symptoms to be present: often people complain of some kind of fatigue, and often people talk about intermittent low mood, sometimes even depression.

And I was thinking about how this makes sense if you see health and wellness from an energetic perspective.

So, thinking about fatigue first of all. From an energy point of view, you become physically ill as a result of energy blockages, or energy leakages. Over time, the blockages can build up to the extent that they cause physical symptoms; and the leakages can become so severe that the physical body becomes drained or depleted.

It’s probably useful to look at a couple of concrete examples. Someone may be driving themselves to do well in a career or profession that they don’t really love or even feel excited about (often, of course, this may be to do with satisfying our parent’s desires for our lives.) To do that we ignore the calling of our heart; at first, it may be that we hear the calling, and just choose to disregard it. Over time, we may not even hear it, as we are so out of touch with what we truly want. In energetic terms, we have created a block around the heart, and also maybe the throat chakra – which is to do with expressing our truth in the world. As this block hardens, we may become physically ill.

Or another example might be of a child who is constantly criticised, say by her father. To protect herself, the child puts an energetic armouring over her heart, and Solar Plexus (the solar plexus is to do with our sense of self and our self-esteem.) As time goes by, and she becomes an adult, other men may criticise her – her lover, her boss or even just male colleagues. And this causes the armouring and protection around the heart to become stronger and more impenetrable, and the sense of self-worth to become weaker and weaker. Again, in time this manifests as physical illness.

So, these energetic patterns of armouring and of blocks mean that the energy is not flowing in a free way. This in itself leads to fatigue for obvious reasons. However, more than this, I believe it takes an effort to keep these armouring, blocks and defences in place. Our natural state is free-flowing and open, and building up all this “armour” and defences actually takes a lot of energy.

So, for this reason, it makes absolute sense that a lot of my clients (and of course a lot of people in general) are dealing with levels of fatigue in their lives.

The way to work with the fatigue is different depending on the person. Often, inner child healings can be really good to go back to childhood to discover the patterns that may still be causing us difficulties now. Similarly, a past life healing can also help people to go back to the root of a problem that is causing them difficulties in their current life. For other people, bright celestial energy can help to unravel the blocked energy. This type of healing allows us to open up to the love that is there for us in the universe, and allowing this in can literally “melt” down the energetic armouring and in turn lead to healing on the physical level.