Thoughts On The Law of Attraction and Energy Healing

Hi everyone! I have quite a few things on my “to do” list re: running my Energy Healing business. And yet today, I took almost the entire day to declutter my healing room. This is a process I am going through in the entire house: I have been through the downstairs, lounge, kitchen and bathroom, and have now done the healing room – only my bedroom to go.

And I was thinking about how this fits into the Law of Attraction process as another step along the way.

My aim is to look at everything I own and subject it to two tests: “do I need it?” and “do I love it?” Even though I had been living in one room in a Buddhist community for five years up until last Autumn, I found lots of stuff that I neither needed or loved. I have to say I find it quite hard to do this: who knows whether I will need that pair of curtains that are “clogging” up my cupboard in the future, and, although I never listen to cassette tapes, it’s really hard to throw things away that represent a certain “era” of my life…

So, what I’ve been doing is going through each room again and again, and becoming more daring about what I throw out as each time goes on. I’ve been through my clothes maybe 3 times now… and have finally managed to give away certain things that I haven’t worn for several years, but somehow, in my mind, would wear again one day…

The other thing I did today was clean the healing room thoroughly. And air it. And sitting in it now this evening, it feels much clearer and brighter in here. And that I want to be giving healings in the room, and want to be sitting at the computer answering emails, and writing my blog etc.

As I was working today, I was also thinking about the reflection of the inner and outer. I have done a lot of work over the last few years on my inner world: with the self-healing at the School of Energy Healing, and the steps I have taken to purify my diet – culminating in me eating raw food for the last couple of years.

It’s my experience that as I detoxify internally, I also need to detoxify my external environment. Put another way, it has felt that I really needed to do some decluttering work in my home to be able to maintain the purity of my diet. The inner mirrors the outer and both affect each other.

And this leads back to the Law of Attraction. In order to attract the new things into my life which I really want, I need to let go of the old. It also seems to me to make sense that I need to have order in the outside world i.e. my possessions, and living space, to give the message to the universe that I can look after what I already have, so there is space for more of what I want to come in.